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Michael Dolan


I have a '99 XJR, and ordered a rebuilt transmission from your company in December of 2007.

The first transmission was installed by my Jaguar dealer, who then informed your company and myself that the transmission was 'locked up'.  The transmission was returned to you, and you returned it. This transmission was installed, but kept 'throwing error codes'.  Subsequently the dealership has contacted you to no avail,  I have contacted you to no avail.  On 5/22 you promised to contact me when you returned on 5/28.  As of today that hasn't happened.furious

My car is still out of service (6 months now), and I am getting VERY frustrated.

What does it take to get you to be more responsive?



First of all, this is Not a warranty section,  we checked your file and as of today, there is no warranty report filed.
Not you or your shop made a claim of any warranty issue ?
What you outlined here is not correct and you need to update your position. After a long period of time we are contacted from you that you are still having a transmission problem and you asked as to contact your workshop.
We contacted your shop many many times unsuccessfully and also wrote emails with no response, like we informed you in our emails and copies to you.
After a period of time we have the opportunity to talk with the shop in an unpleasant way. The point is now the "front pump" on the transmission is broken.
Front Pump damages on a transmission after installation is a result of wrong installation procedure.
If the torque converter is not correctly seated in the transmission housing, this causes irreparable damage to the torque converter and the primary pump.
Before installing a transmission at the engine, it is important to pay attention, that the torque converter is installed correctly: 1)distance from the bell housing to torque converter, 2)Measurements of distance with a deep gauge.
In the 30 years of our existing rebuilding business we have to deal with this issue from time to time. There are workshops that say, sorry we made a mistake, or something get messed up and what does it take to fix it, or on the other side you have workshops they say, we are all certified, we don't make any mistakes, this is the failure of a wrong transmission, the transmission is wrong built.
Some shops have been many years in business, 5, 10, 20 years or more, this is not the point, some shops never update, they never learn, they are still working like in the stone time. Transmissions are different today, the technology is different and also the whole building process has changed for more than 15 years ago.
No more pumps setting alignment and so on, No more converter hub problems, misalignments and so on.
Today, transmissions and torque converters are  precisely built, with computerized equipment and tools, different techniques than 20 years ago. Front pump damages are only installation problems and not anymore converter or whatever alse you like to think, problems.
Your shop has the attitude that they are perfect and they make no mistakes but the truth is they installed the transmission and have front pump failure before they even got out of the workshop with the car. Now they let the car sit for weeks and weeks in their parking lot, you're right this makes everybody angry, but don't blame us on it, we are thousand and thousand of miles away from it and we only can do something when we know about it....




I take issue with your assertions for the following reasons:

1. The shop has already returned the transmission to you once, and you fixed whatever was wrong at that time.

2. When the second transmission also had a problem, I have attempted many many times to communicate with you, as has the dealership, mostly to no avail.

I have successfully spoken to you one time, and we have exchanged several Emals.

Between you and the dealership, there is strong disagreement regarding the issues & possible resloutions.  As a consequence, I have attempted MANY times to establish a conference call between the dealership, you and I, also with no response from you.

I really am not too concerned who pays to fix whatever is wrong, but this has been going on since last December.

This should have been a straightforward transaction, but apparently not.  What do I need to do that I haven't already done?

Mike Dolan

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